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My name is Malvina Guretsky. I am the proud founder of a fashion label, MAG Tricotes, (tricoter: “to knit” in French, “MAG” are my initials.) I create couture clothing and accessories for truly elegant women of discerning tastes who appreciate unique, yet timeless style, impeccable detailing and luxurious fabrics. 

MAG designs exclusive dresses, separates, outerwear, and shawls that will fashionably suit you on any occasion in your busy life: a cocktail party on St. Barth’s, a night out with friends, a business meeting in Manhattan, a private garden wedding in Westchester, or a museum Gala in Madrid. MAG also creates couture collections of clothing for fashionista baby girls, as well as customizable cashmere blankets for babies and luxurious throws for your home.

Each one of MAG garments and accessories is exquisitely made by hand from the finest natural fabrics and yarns: our hand dyed silk comes from Japan, cashmere - from Mongolia and Italy, hand spun camel fiber - from Mongolia, our beads are made of Murano glass, and the hand sequined yarn comes from the best family-owned yarn mill in the United States. Our beautiful garments incorporate the most intricate skills of the textile profession, such as knitting, crochet, lace crochet, felting, embroidery, to name a few. Our amazingly talented designers and artisans ensure that each MAG garment is thoughtfully designed, meticulously detailed, and impeccably made to fit a woman’s body to perfection.

This spring season I open the doors to MAG Tricotes luxury boutique in Scarsdale, New York. In my boutique I created an intimate environment which allows me to provide unsurpassed personalized shopping experience to each and every client. I feel it’s important to speak with the client to see what she wants. I will gladly tailor a garment to the client’s personality, taste, and lifestyle, so that she can look and feel MAGnificent.

My name and reputation are on every single label - as you will come to know, this is something I take with great pride.

I welcome you in my new MAGnificent home!

Malvina Guretsky


Biography: Malvina Guretsky

Born and raised in the former Soviet Union, seventeen year old Malvina Guretsky came to the US, received a full academic college scholarship to NYU, and swiftly made a name for herself in the financial services industry. Handpicked by the leading global investment giant Deutsche Bank, Malvina was one of only eight women to gain entry into their executive women’s leadership program that would fast-track her to a Managing Director role.

Traveling on business one to three weeks out of every month, jetting between Europe and Asia, she ran on little sleep yet owned up to the allure of the lifestyle she led. Her decision to part with the industry left her colleagues quite perplexed. Why would she opt out of high-flying success and walk away from an elite Wall Street executive career? The short answer Malvina reveals: “The higher I climbed the corporate ladder, the more I lost my identity. I stopped enjoying my work. - It was time for me to start something new.”

Enjoying time with her family at home, Malvina began to devote more and more time to her lifelong passion for knitting. And one day, what started out as a therapeutic hobby, has evolved into a new business venture. Malvina’s journey began with travelling the world, selecting the finest fibers and yarns, hiring talented knitwear designers and craftswomen, and creating couture knitwear for women and babies. She had a clear vision in front of her – a vision of a small boutique that felt like home, where each garment was lovingly made by hand, where every piece reflected the skill of the designer and the artisan, where the fabric would be so soft, one just couldn’t help but want to touch it, where the cut was so classy and design so timeless, one never had to worry about trends, where the client actually had a say in the final product.

Malvina creative vision soon became a reality! This spring season she opens the doors to MAG Tricotes boutique in Scarsdale, New York. Malvina’s name and reputation are on every single label - this is something she takes with great pride.


MAG Tricotes Showroom

MAG store
MAG store

A very private luxury boutique is located in the heart of the beautiful town of Scarsdale, NY.


Please visit us in our new MAGnificent home at:

One Christie Place, Scarsdale, NY 


In the Press

  • Grand Opening Of New Scarsdale Boutique Today

    June 15, 2012 - ScarsdalePatch

    Grand Opening Of New Scarsdale Boutique Today

    MAG Tricotes, a new private luxury boutique on Christie Place in Scarsdale, is opening today.

    This weekend, the invitation-only event will begin today, June 15, at 10:00 a.m. The opening will continue Saturday, June 16 and Sunday, June 17 from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    The couture boutique is all about elegance, timeless style, luxurious fabrics, intricate detailing, and exclusively made by hand clothing and accessories. MAG Tricotes will provide a truly personalized shopping experience for each and every client, tailoring each garment to a client’s personality, taste, and lifestyle, so that she can look and feel MAGnificent. Read more

  • Couture Boutique to Open on Christie Place

    June 13, 2012 - Scarsdale10583

    Couture Boutique to Open on Christie Place

    At long last, a new store is set to open this week on Christie Place in Scarsdale Village. The opening of MAG Tricote is scheduled for Friday, June 15 through Sunday June 17 and you are invited to come in and see MAG Tricotes’ high end and handmade collection of clothing and accessories.

    The store is the creation of Malvina Guretsky who designs dresses, separates, outwerwear and accessories for all occasions. Materials include natural fabrics and yarns, hand-dyed silk, cashmere and hand-spun fibers. Read more

  • Martha Stewart Show

    April 4, 2012

    MAG was honored to present an exclusive preview of the Spring/Summer collection on Martha Stewart live TV show on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012, at 10AM.

  • In Our Shoes

    March 29, 2012 - In Our Shoes

    In Our Shoes Exclusive Interview with the Founder and Owner of MAG Tricotes, Malvina Guretsky. Read more



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